Hi Super Cool Customer,

Welcome to Compleye Online, the online DIY Platform for building your Information Security Management System (ISMS) compliant with ISO27001.

On this Dashboard you can find operational information and some short links to sections that you will use often to setup or maintain your ISMS.

On the left side Menu – you can find all the sections available. The Menu is organized based on the Chapter 4-10 of ISO27001 (to make it more easy for external auditors) combined with some sections that are very practical from an operational point of view – to make this platform a perfect fit for SME’s.  If you cannot view all the sections, it is either you are not part of the DIY Product Plan or the admin has not giving you access to all of the sections.

In the mid Menu – you can find several widgets with information. In our Roadmap we are working on creating more widgets and the possibility to design your own dashboard. For now you can see:

  • Stats – Operational information about resources, with quick links.
  • Calls to action – During Security Meetings (section Operations – Security Meetings) you can add calls to action. In this view an overview of open Calls to action with a quick link to the actual overview (section)
  • Improvements – While you are setting up or maintaining your ISMS, you will define a lot of improvement, to create evidence for the auditor that work in a structured way. In this view an overview of open Improvements with a quick link to the section.
  • Controls – The operational heart of your ISMS, what ISMS controls do you have in place. In this view an overview of Overdue controls and total amount of controls with a quick link to the actual overview (section)

On the right side Menu – Compleye Information:

  • Business card – general information of you as a client, in future we will connect this with your billing page. Now reachable via compleye.io/my-account
  • X-ray This is your X-ray, generated by us, which you can expand to view more closely, click on it and new tab will be opened with all the components and you can view details and upload new one or download previous versions.
  • Wiki – direct link to our Compleye Wiki; with information of DIY roadmap – explaining all steps and quick links so Compleye Wiki Sections . Please do not forget the Key Features page in wiki which will explain a number of default features that are present at most of the sections.
  • Support – direct link to mailbox of our Compleye Wizard Team, for all your questions, from potential bugs, services, feedback and questions you might have.

Compleye Online is not only supporting ISO27001, we have build in all kinds of features and provide you with templates that can support your next compliance challenges (e.g. ISO9001, SOC-2, ISO27701 or customized industry and corporate standards. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information by making use of the Support button.

We do update our Compleye Online with new features and templates and will keep you informed via our bi-weekly mail and/or in our Compleye Wiki – so you will always be kept up to date.

Wishing you a successful ISMS flow!

Bye for now,

Vairy Curious
your online compliance voice