Automatic Mail Reminder

Automatic Mail Reminder feature is available for Call to Action, Improvements and Controls. When installed, an e-mail reminder will be sent 3 days prior to the deadline of the task.  

You will receive an e-mail :

TitleAction required
BodyThis is a reminder that the following task [link] is due soon.
Thank you
Compleye Team

=> the [link] will direct you to the task.  

How to install – 3 steps?

Step 1. Make sure the person that wants to receive the reminders is added as a ‘regular user’ of Compleye Online.  

Go to section Leadership & Management – subsection People@.   Choose the team member  –  Click on the Edit button, so we can make the changes. In this menu you can choose between 3 tabs : General, Contact and Contract.  

Step 2. Go first to CONTACT tab – add the email address in the box ‘private email‘ [we will change the name of this box shortly into ‘automatic email reminder address’] Make sure that the email address that is added is the same, that is being used to add the person to the client board. We advise always to use the regular business email address for Compleye Online. 

Step 3. Finally : Go to  GENERAL tab – find  the Checkbox Enable Reminder Notifications. Enable the function by clicking on the checkbox (yellow). And  press the button Save

The notifications will be sent only to tasks that have been assigned to you as owner (of the call to action, improvement or control)