Compleye Explained

There are three ways to approach compliance:

  • Auditor Perspective: This approach focuses on checking all requirements of frameworks and laws/regulations. It’s about ticking all the boxes to ensure compliance. 

  • Risk Management Perspective: This approach involves assessing threats and risks, defining their impact, and implementing necessary changes. It helps in identifying potential vulnerabilities and mitigating them effectively. 

  • Operational Perspective: This approach aligns all compliance activities, documentation, and maintains your operational year plan. It’s about integrating compliance into daily operations seamlessly. 

What makes Compleye Online unique is that it combines these three approaches into one tool.

This enables you to organize compliance around your business, rather than letting compliance rule your daily operations.

In our Audit View, we list all requirements per standard and connect compliance evidence to each individual requirements. To support Internal Audit process and the best cheatsheet during external audits. 

In our X-ray View, we design a visual of your IT-infrastructure making use of the customer journey and add data flows. Once finalised we divide them into single risk components and connect with compliance elements. To support the process of risk assessment and change management.  

Both features (Audit View and X-ray View) are embedded in the Compleye Online Project Management Platform. This integration utilizes all compliance elements, enabling you to maintain operational control.

Basic compliance elements e.g. 

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Recurring control activities
  • Improvements
  • Monitoring & Incident reporting
  • Audits & Assessments
Compleye practical features:
  • Security & Privacy Meetings
  • (template) Checklist
  • Management Reviews
  • Operational Yearplanning
Please check all features and compliance elements in our wiki. 

How to start ....

Compleye Online is designed for SMEs to implement and maintain security & privacy frameworks, once established quality framework can be added as well. We share best practice with our customers, documented in our wiki. Please find below the process of the implementation of a security & privacy system. Our Compleye Team can support you during the implementation. 

1. We start with an X-ray session in an online meeting with a compliance expert. Visualise the customer journey, IT Infrastructure and data flows. This will support defining your scope, data classification process and risk components. 

2. You will continue with the 12-days roadmap in our wiki to implement your security & privacy system according to ISO27001 standards. 

3. Step by step you will ad evidence on your Compleye Online Board, by making use of templates and features listed in the 12-day roadmap.

4. Day 11 is dedicated to your internal Audit, making use of the Audit View and connecting all evidence to individual requirements of the standard. The best cheat sheet during external audit and gap analysis in case you have missed something from the roadmap.  

5. Connect all evidence to the individual Risk Components in X-ray View for an effective and efficient Change Management Process.

6. Keep your ISMS up to date with with the build-in security meetings for easy maintenance. One of the standard topics of your security meeting is assessing changes and impact on your IT Infrastructure (7) by making use of the information in X-ray View (5. interactions).