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Closed Improvements

Closed improvements are part of the process for creating the Management review report.

In this section you can see a list of all the improvements that are closed. Besides the information on where the closed improvement is coming from, date when it was closed and the owner, you can also see a number of topics it addresses on Management Review. 

You will use the closed  improvements that have assigned topics for the management review to create the management review report. You can do this by clicking Management Review Report button on the top right corner. 

New window will appear with a list of closed and evaluated improvements. Consider completing the evaluation details in order to be able to select them and include them to the management review. 

After you have selected improvement you want to include in the report, click on Start Management Review Report Button. This will take you to the Management Review section environment. You can follow guidelines from the Management Review report on how to proceed from here.

Start by navigating to create the Management Review button. From there you can select closed improvements you would like to include and click Start Management Review Report. 

You will be directed to the Management Review Section where you can continue creating your report. 

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