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Calls To Action

This is the section with the overview of all Calls to Action created from the Security Meetings section.

Security meetings are mandatory part of the operational ISMS where team gets to align, perform periodic checks, work collaboratively on the tasks, planning, etc. All follow up tasks required from the ISMS team are defined with Calls to Action following the security meeting.  .

Calls to action on this overview can be managed by editing status – closing them or reopening. Content of the Calls To Actions cannot be altered, but you can search and filter the overview. 

Calls to Action are created from the Security Meetings section when you open the item on the agenda, on the right side is the option to create the call to action. 

Small window will pop out where you need to fill in fields and click on “Add” button, which generates call to action on the list in the section Calls to Action. 

ActionPointFree text field to describe what the call to action is- fill in what is the task, what needs to be done
deadlineselect on a calendar when is the task/call to action due
OwnerSelect who from the team is responsible for completing the task and closing the Call to Action
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