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Your ISMS needs continuous improvement and maintenance. This is where, having checklists as part of your operational procedures is a very good idea.

Creating checklists is an efficient and a lean way of keeping track of the activities and steps when following the procedures. 

In this section you can create checklist templates and as many checklists from the template as you need. Think of the Onboarding Checklist for example, you can create an Onboarding or Offboarding checklist template and create separate checklists for any team member joining or leaving the company.  

You can view, edit, and delete both – existing template and checklist. 

Another example of where checklists come in very handy is to use it for Change Management, such as checklist template for Supplier Change.

You can find two separate tabs for “Checklists” and “Templates”. By clicking on the buttons, you can navigate to each tab and have an overview of all the existing Checklists or the Templates in card view.

On each tab, top right corner you can find “Create Checklist” or “Create Template” button.

You can create new checklist from scratch or new checklist from already existing templates. Make your choice when navigating to “Create Checklist” button. 

When you choose to create a new checklist from the scratch, you need to fill the following fields and click on “Create Checklist”

Checklist NameFree text fieldEmployee onboarding checklist
OwnerDrop down menu with list of team members to select from.Mary Curious
deadlinedue dateSelect date from the calendar
DescriptionShort explanation
Checklist ItemsYou can add items to the checklist when needed.

If you choose to create a new checklist using an existing template, you can do it in two different stages.

Stage 1:

You can select a template from the existing list and edit accordingly.

Stage 2:

You can go to “Templates” and go through the items in the existing template you want to edit and on the bottom left corner you can find the option to “Create checklist”

You can add or edit the description and deadline for each checklist.

On each checklist card, you can find the current status of the checklist at the bottom next to the owner of the checklist.

The status is auto generated assessing the completion of the items in the checklist, from:

  • To do
  • In progress
  • done
  • Overdue

The checklists can be searched by name, owner or status using the search bar.

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