GDPR Assessment

If you are a company based in – or perform business in- Europe you will need to comply with GDPR.  
That is also part of your Stakeholder & Legal Requirements overview 
In this case GDPR Assessment is part of your yearly assessment planning.  

In your Documentation Toolkit you can find a template for GDPR Assessment. A list of 22 questions that you will need to answer – depending on your product, service, customers you will answer the questions. You can exclude questions as Not Applicable, however please justify why that is not applicable for you. 
To support you on becoming compliant with GDPR, you can find the following templates in the Documentation Toolkit and/or in Compleye Online : 

  1. Template GDPR Assessment (checklist)
    2. Legal Base documentation 
    3. Profile Data Protection Officer 
    4. Template Data Breach Procedure 
    5. Template End-User Data Rights request 
    6. Template Security Policy 
    7. Data Privacy Impact Assessment 
    8. Template Data Retention Procedure 



Field Name 






GDPR Assessment info 

free text for the title or description 

To ensure ongoing compliance with the GDPR, it is advisable to complete the assessment checklist on an annual basis or when the scope of processing of personal data changes. 


N/A: templates not available yet  



+ upload the document  

[upload the GDPR documentation] 

Assessment finding 



+ Add new assessment 

Assessment date: select date 
Finding: free text  

1st of February, 2022.  Finding: revisit the GDPR assessment and perform the Data Protection Impact Assessment (“DPIA”) when the scope of processing data changes or expands 

Approvals of assessment & findings 



+ Add new review 

approval date: select + click approve  




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