In less than 170 words, we explain what ISO 27001 is and why you need it in your business.

ISO/IEC 27001: 

  • Information technology  
  • Security techniques 
  • Information security management systems  
  • Requirements. 

Also known as ISO27001. This norm is the leading international standard focused on information security.   

Let´s dive into what the ISO framework is and the purpose of ISO 27001 

Simply said, an ISO framework are policies and processes to use in your organization. Having an ISO 27001 framework in place provides help for organizations of all sizes and industries to protect their information systematically and cost-effectively by adopting an Information Security Management System (ISMS). 

Why is ISO 27001 critical? 

The standard does not only provide companies with the necessary knowledge to protect their most valuable information, but as you probably know, your organization can also get certified on ISO 27001 and, in this way, prove to your customers and partners that you safeguard their data. This evidence can be critical for closing deals! 

ISO 27001 is international. Therefore, potential stakeholders easily recognize it worldwide, increasing business opportunities for organizations and professionals. 

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