The Information Security Risk Assessment is the most important risk assessment in the ISMS. 
There is a long list of requirements (Chapter 6.1.2) defined for the risk assessment. 
You will need to perform an ISRA on a yearly base and use the same method every yearto be able to compare outcomes and results 

We have had numerous conversations with external auditors about the ISRA approach. As this assessment is often subject to personal interpretation of individual auditors. We have designed now a template that is validated by 7 external auditors – working at different audit companies and could stand all our external audits. 
We have defined a ISRA Procedure, where we explain the approach and guide you through the procedure. So please check your ISRA Template in your Documentation Toolkit and read first the procedure, then upload the ISRA Template – again read the Procedure and start working on it. This is a huge job for the first time and that probably will require 2-3 meetings with your ISMS Team.  
Add you procedure to the Procedure/Info feature,  upload your final ISRA results (PDF) and add your findings on the left side. Let C-level approve the assessment and findings.  And last but not least – do not forget to transfer the findings into an Improvements  

If this assessment is too difficult – what we would understand for a first time – you can book support in our Compleye Studio. 


Field Name 






ISRA info 

free text for the title or description 

ISRA Jan 2022 


N/A: templates not available yet  



+ upload the document  

[upload the ISRA Jan 2022 document] 

Assessment finding 



+ Add new assessment 

Assessment date: select date 
Finding: free text  

1st of February, 2022. 
Finding: 2FA for all Team members is needed 
Finding 2: More Security Awareness Trainings are needed per year  

Approvals of assessment & findings 



+ Add new review 

approval date: select + click approve  



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