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Policies & Procedures

In this section you can upload and maintain all your policies and procedures. Requirements for most frameworks are:

  • review and approve policies and procedures on a yearly base for external audit.
  • update your policies and procedures when needed
  • make relevant policies and procedures available for your employees/team members

Therefore we advise:

  • only upload pdf of (mandatory) policies and procedure in Compleye Online
  • archive original versions of document in your own repository
  • create a link between this section and the location in your own repository, by making use of the feature +Add new field (see example below), to have easy access to original document.

  • choose your method of communicating the relevant policies with employees / team members, (can be onboarding kit, intranet, online environment etc.) that will fit your communication culture.
  • add an OPC in Compleye Online: yearly review of all policies and procedures; job for compliance officers to divide this task on yearly base amongst owners and communicate with HR or Communication team to update the information in communciation channel.
  • Tips to keep the documentation limited:
    • only relevant policies need to be communicated
    • make the content part of your yearly (security/privacy/compliance) awareness training in 1 document
    • document practical procedures (e.g. working processes or Software Development Life Cycle) in the tools that are used by team members – to keep them up to date – an ask on a yearly base a pdf of the documentation for audit purposes.
  • In the wiki page section Templates, you can find a list of available templates in Compleye Online.

Add new policy

Field Name



Policy name

Select the policy from the drop down list or select other to type the name of the Policy

Privacy Policy


Select a team member who is responsible for updating and reviewing the Policy



free text field to describe content of the policy

end user documentation

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