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Progress Overview

This is not part of a mandatory ISO27001 requirement. For your convenience we have designed a Progress Bar, that gives a high level understanding on how far you are on the DIY Roadmap to become certified or how to keep yourself certified during yearly external audit visits. Progress Overview will allow you to manage and plan your actions more effectively to keep you on track.

Progress Overview consist a set of questions focused on the main activities needed to be completed in each step on the DIY road map. You can evaluate your progress by answering the questions. The answers are limited to Yes or No, to keep a clear distinguish between a completed action and an uncompleted action. The progress bar shows the percentage of questions given “Yes” as the answer. You can mark the questions as and when a task is completed to keep your progress well tracked.

We have designed 2 different Progress Bars:
Yes – for organizations that are already certified and need to maintain for annual external audit.
And No – for organizations that are working on becoming Certified. 

We have made a connection with the 5 steps of the DIY Roadmap. If you follow the Not certified Progress, per step there are a number of questions. If you are already certified – the Progress Overview generates another list of questions. Depending on your status the questions change. 

Some tip:

– You can jump between steps without finishing previous steps.

– If you don’t fill in anything – we count that as a “No”

– Based on the completion of the # of activities (questions) you will score higher

– It is important to [save & continue later] after each session to see next progress results on the progress bar of your Dashboard.

– Green is – all activities are completed in the step; Blue is – there is still work to do. 

– The [finish button] is only clickable after all the questions are answered “Yes” – you are ready for the (next) external audit.

– If finished – your progress bar is 100% on the dashboard and you can:

1. review your quiz (you are not able to edit the answers)

2. or start a new quiz – to keep track of next years (ISMS) activities. 

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