There is number of mandatory policies and procedures that need to be implemented in your ISMS. Creating this documentation can be time consuming and often doubting if all necessary points are covered.

So, in this section includes templates for all (and more) of the documentation and guidance you need to put an effective ISMS in place and meet the requirements to achieve certification to the standard. 

All of the templates are standardized, so when you download them, make sure you check the content and adopt it your organisation, besides that make sure you also:

  • Add your logo in the header
  • Add the date
  • Add the name of owner (who defines/approves) of the document
  • When finalized create a Pdf and add to the applicable section in Compleye Online

Templates will be periodically reviewed and updated, Compleye will keep you notified of any updates or changes.

Below is the overview of available templates:

1Mandatory ISO27001 TopicsStrategy & Ambition / Organisation & Context (and other topics addressed in wiki and ISO27001)ppt
2Access Management PolicySecurity Policies & Procedures;doc
Measures & Control/ Access Management 
3Backup ProcedureSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
4BCP Risks & Opportunities / Business Continuity Plandoc
5CAPA Outline ProcedureSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
 Measures & Control / Security Metrics 
6Change Management PolicySecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
 All sections addressing changes on clients, projects, products, X-Ray, people (staff) , controls and suppliers  
7Code of ConductSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
Legal & Compliance / Contracts Overview
  Legal & Compliance / Interested Parties & Legal Requirements (ISMS Reference) 
8Cookie PolicySecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
  Legal & Compliance / GDPR / User Documentation 
9Cryptography PolicySecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
 Legal & Compliance / Gobal Impact 
10Data Breach Policy Security Policies & Proceduresdoc
 Legal & Compliance / GDPR / Data Breaches 
11Data Classification PolicySecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
12DRP Disaster Recovery PlanRisks & Opportunities / DRPdoc
13Data Subject Access Rights – Data ProcessorSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
Legal & Compliance / GDPR / User GDPR Rights Requests
 GDPR Assessment 
14Data Subject Access Request Policy – Data ControllerSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
Legal & Compliance / GDPR / User GDPR Rights Requests
  GDPR Assessment 
15Human Resources PolicySecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
16Information Security Continuity AssessmentRisks & Opportunities / Business Continuity Plandoc
17Information Security Objectives StatementSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
18Information Security Risk Treatment PlanRisks & Opportunities / ISRAdoc
19Intellectual Property StatementLegal & Compliance / Intellectual Propertydoc
20Internal Audit ProcedureSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
21ISMS Communication PolicySecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
22ISMS Operational PlanningSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
23ISRA ProcedureRisks & Opportunities / ISRAdoc
24ISRA TemplateRisks & Opportunities / ISRAxls
25Log and Monitoring PolicyMeasure & Controls / Access Managementdoc
26Improvements ProcedurePolicies & Proceduresdoc
Improvements, Management Review  
27Offboarding ProcedureSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
 Leadership & Management / People@ 
28Onboarding ProcedureSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
Leadership & Management / People@
29Open Source Components PolicySecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
30Outsourcing Development and Protection of PIISecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
31Password Management Policy_Team MembersSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
32PEN Testing Policy Security Policies & Proceduresdoc
33Privacy by Design – 7 Key PrinciplesSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
34Privacy Policy Internal Security Policies & Proceduresdoc
35Privacy Statement_Notice_ExternalUseLegal & Compliance / GDPR / User Documentationdoc
36Remote Working Policy Security Policies & Proceduresdoc
37Risk & Opportunities Policy StatementSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
38SDLC Procedure GuidelinesSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
39Security PolicySecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
40Staff Attendance PolicySecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
41Supplier Management ProcedureSecurity Policies & Proceduresdoc
42Workspace & Equipment Policy Security Policies & Procedures


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