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Threat Intelligence

This Wiki Page can be used as a Cheat Sheet during security meetings. Or Create your own Template Checklist in Compleye Online.

The Threat Analysis Checklist:

Define ThreatName your threat
Source of ThreatHow did you get aware of it? Where is it coming from?
Impact/ChallengeDescribe high-level the impact it might/will have and the challenge ahead.
X-ray ComponentsHow many components are affected by this threat?
Risk (Low, Medium, High) We suggest using the same Risk Profile as your ISRA. (SEE BELOW)

Suggested new preventive measureDescribe high-level measures to be taken.
Classify chosen solution:

Classify your Measure:

a.   Strategic: Focus on high-level information about the threat landscape by understanding high level trends and adversarial motives and then leveraging this information when making security and business decisions.

b.   Tactical: Focus on intelligence on tools, techniques, and attack methodologies by conducting malware analysis and improvements.

c.   Operational: Focus on intelligence on specific attacks and indicators by understanding, adversarial, capabilities, infrastructure and then leveraging this information to conduct more targeted and prioritized cybersecurity operations

Assign a Control or Improvement

How do you want to create evidence, keep in control of your measure? Improvements are one-time activities to improve the ISMS System. Controls will be added to section Operational Planning & Control as a recurring event to monitor or check.  

Make sure that you select an additional control type ’threat intelligence’ next to ‘ISO 27001-Security’. And for improvement Origin ’threat intelligence’.

In Compleye Online you can upload the Template Threat Intelligence Assessment. Content in this wiki page is included in the template, together with the Threat Intelligence Lifecycle.

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