On this Dashboard you can find operational information and links to sections that you’ll use to set up or maintain your Information Security Management System (ISMS). 

You can find all the available sections in the left side menu. The menu is organized based on Chapters 4-10 of ISO 27001 (to make it easier for external auditors).  
We advise you to start using the DIY Roadmap Menu  which will guide you step-by-step, section-by-section as you set up your ISMS. 

If you can’t view all the sections, you’re either not part of the DIY Product Plan, or the admin has not given you access to all of the sections. Click on “Manage my board” on the top right corner to check who your admin is.

You can check the status of your ISMS using the information in the  middle menu .

  • Statistics for your key operational information: 
    People@ (your team members & basic HR info), suppliers, your hardware assets and your software applications. With Quick Links to these specific sections – by clicking on the blue numbers .  
  • Progress Bar: AKA ISO 27001 Readiness Check 
    To keep track of your DIY Roadmap, we’ve defined a number of questions for each step so that you can visualize your progress and see what’s missing as you prepare for ISO 27001 Certification (from 0% – 100%)

    After certification, you can start a new readiness check – for the maintenance of your ISO 27001.   

  • Statistics for your time management 
    It’s important to address your activities in time and not to build up compliance debt. It’s our experience that there are always good reasons why other jobs seem to have higher priority, but what does it tell the auditor? That security or privacy comes last? If there’s a good reason that you can’t perform actions on time, take 5 minutes to add a note to the activity and reschedule or assign a new deadline.

    Calls-to-action  – During  Security Meetings  (section Operations – Security Meetings) you can add calls-to-action. In this view you can get an overview of open calls-to-action with a quick link to the actual overview (section). 
    Improvements  – While you’re setting up or maintaining your ISMS, you’ll make a lot of improvements, creating evidence for the auditor in a structured way. In this view, there’s an overview of open ‘Improvements’ with a quick link. 
    Controls  – The operational heart of your ISMS! What ISMS controls do you have in place? Here you will see an overview of overdue controls and the total amount of controls with a quick link to the actual overview section.  

  • Need Support? Reach out – Here you’ll find a direct link to our Compleye Wizard Team’s mailbox. Contact them about potential bugs, services, feedback and questions you might have. 

On the right side menu, you’ll find Compleye Information: 

  • X-Ray  – This is your very own X-Ray, generated by us, which you can expand to view more closely. Click on it and a new tab will be opened with all the X-Ray components. You can view details and upload new ones or download previous versions. 
  • Wiki  – A direct link to our Compleye Wiki with information on the DIY roadmap, key features, all the sections and FAQ. 
ISO 27001