General Features

Compleye Online has an audit trail which is, by default, enabled via Activity Log. The Activity Log keeps a record of the activities and changes to all sections and subsections. Activity details are grouped by day and there are three types of changes: Added, Removed or Updated.

Users can view changes that they or their team members have performed. So, you have control over the data alongside information about what changed, who changed it and when. This functionality meets audit requirements and puts you in control. 

There is a search filter in place; You can search by person, by date or by content.  

The Activity Log overview can be downloaded as a PDF document.  

This functionality enables  you  to add general information on specific topics, add documents to a module, or write notes for other  Compleye  Online  team members and users. In the  Wiki  pages of  this  section  you   can find examples, tips and checklists that you can use for this feature  . By  copying the wiki info into this feature, you can customize  content  to your own needs. Other team members can   also  use this as a checklist, quick read or a reference.  Sharing is caring!     

The overviews in  ‘  Sections  ‘  can  be  customized  using  filters  . First  check the filter and choose which fields you want to use in your overview. Next  click on Filter  . A  horizontal search bar will  appear  and you can use the search feature.  It’s as easy as that!  
Please  note that many overviews  are  , by default,  set for active items and do  not  show inactive items. You can change that  in the filter.  

You can:  

  • download and generate PDF files of Activity Logs and Supplier Assessments; 
  • download information from X-Ray Components; 
  • download documents; 
  • Upload documents to all sections. 

Accepted file extensions for uploads are .PNG, .JPEG, .JPG, .SVG, .PDF, .TXT, .DOCX, .PPTX, .XLSX, .XLS.  

X-Ray uploads must have .PNG, .JPEG, .JPG or .SVG extension. 

Activity Log downloads could be a requirement for high level compliance standards in Quality Management Systems. X-Ray component downloads can be used during compliance processes, when stakeholders request general security information on specific components.  

All of the uploaded documents can be removed or downloaded from the sections that they are uploaded to or from the Documents Library. Documents can also be downloaded directly from the edit mode.  

For specific sections we have made exports of data available – See ‘Export data to a CSV file’ below.  


In some sections and subsections, you can find a dynamic field function which lets you add or remove an extra custom field on a specific form. If you add a field to a new record (eg, a new team member), it will automatically be added to existing records.  

Please note, when making use of this feature, you’ll need to fill/add content before you can save the functionality.  

TIP: Please be careful when adding these fields – they’ll have an impact on the view mode when you add a new record. 

 User Profiles

There are 6 user profiles available per client board, with different authorisation  levels: 

User profileAuthors 
Client Admin2 admin  can  be assigned  .  

Can create additional users, assign sections per user type; has edit rights on all sections; 

can grant access to Compleye team members, following the ‘Privacy by Design’ policy.  

Client Regular UserDepending on the type of subscription, a maximum number of users is determined  . Has edit rights on all assigned sections.
Client ObserverDepending on the type of subscription, a maximum number of users is determined  .Has read and download rights on all assigned sections.
Complete AdminOne or more  Compleye  Admins can be assigned  . Can  grant access to  Compleye  team members, regular users and observer users  ; can  assign sections per user type  ; has  edit rights on all sections
Complete Regular User
One or more  Complete  Regular  Users  can be assigned.Has edit rights on all assigned sections.
Complete Observer
One or more  Complete  Observers can be assigned  .Has read and download rights on all assigned sections.

TIP  While enabling  ‘  observer rights  ‘  limits the risk of compromising data, we recommend that for sections containing sensitive information, you grant users access based only on  need  –  to  –  know and need  –  to  –  do  basis  . 

Password requirements

The  account registration form requires  password  that has a  minimum of 8 characters, with upper and lowercase  letters  , a number and a symbol. Clients  can  change their passwords and  reset their passwords  if they forget  their credentials.   

To supplement a user-controlled   password,   Compleye Online provides a two-factor authentication (2FA) solution with a unique code dynamically generated by an authenticator. 

We have enabled an automatic log out after 24 hours (from the platform).  

TIP: This means that you will be automatically logged out of your account after 24 hours.   Make sure your work is saved.

The  automatic  mail  reminder feature  is  available for  calls  –  to  –  action  improvements  and  checks  When installed, an email reminder will be sent  when a task is assigned to you and  3 days prior to the  task’s  deadline.   

The email will look a little something like this:  

Title  :   Action required
Body  :  You have been assigned to the improvement :  [title] [link]


            This is a reminder that the next task   [link]   is due soon.

Thank you
Compleye Team

=> the   [link]  will direct you to the task.  

Installation Instructions  

Step 1  .

  • Make sure the person who wants to receive the reminders is added as a Complete Online ‘Regular User’; 
  • Go to the   Leadership & Management   section; subsection   People@; 
  • Choose the team member; 
  • Click on the   Edit   button so you can make the changes. In this menu you can choose between 3 tabs: General, Contact and Contract Info.   

steps 2.

Go to the   CONTACT   tab; 

  • Add the email address in the  ‘Email  ‘ box  [we will change the name of this box shortly to ‘Automatic email Reminder Address’].  
  • Make sure that the email address that’s added is the same as the one that’s being used to add the person to the client board. It’s best to use the person’s regular business email address.  

Step 3  .

Go to the  GENERAL   tab; 

  • Find the checkbox ‘  Enable Reminder Notifications’; 
  • Enable the function by clicking on the checkbox (yellow); 
  • Press  Save  .  

Notifications  will only be sent for  tasks that have been assigned to you as  the  owner (of the call  –  to  -action  improvement or control)  . 
TIP  The  email under contacts and the email used to connect  to  the board  must be the  same.  So, if you do  n’t  have an overview of the  board’s  users  in order  to  check this  please reach out to our support team by using the button on your dashboard.  We are happy to provide you with an overview of  all of  your users with email addresses. 

    By making use of the ‘Export All’ button, you can export data from the following sections: 

    Leadership & Management – ​​​​subsection  People@  

    Measures & Controls –  Asset Management subsection 

    Measures & Controls –   Management subsection 

    Risks & Opportunities – subsection  Suppliers Overview 

    – The data will be exported into a CSV file. 

    – The data that can be exported are as follows: 

    For People@:  name, profile, team, ISMS team members, private email, type of contract and starting date; 

    For HW Assets:  serial number, asset type, user, company owned and still in use; 

    For SW Access:  software tool, admin, status, internal access and external access; 

    For Supplier Overview : supplier name, owner, status, ISO 27001 certified, terms and conditions, GDPR policy, NDA / confidentiality agreement, data process agreement, Service Level Agreement, other certifications, extra info, information security risk, business continuity risk and quality risk.