Startupper Roadmap

Starting with our free ISO 27001 Startupper package will give you a solid foundation for implementing an effective ISMS in your organisation.

Depending on the stage and phase your company is in, you can approach this step in different ways. From ‘ I am a startup and organize my operations in Excel’ to ‘ I am already an established company and have HR and Assets tools in place ‘ and everything in between.


  • If you have everything organized in a spreadsheet, you might want to make use of all the sections in this first step. Please read this dedicated page that will describe the advantages of using these sections and how you can switch to external tooling once you scale your business.

If you are already using other tools:

  • If you already have an external tool for HR Management: only add people who are involved in your compliance (ISMS) team.
  • If you already have an external tool for Hardware Assets: you can skip the section.
  • If you already have an external tool for (Software) Access Management: you can skip this section. (Do ask yourself if that overview cover all Software tooling – including the free ones, make sure you read at least the wiki to understand the requirements)
  • The Supplier Overview section is something that you do not want to skip . Although you might have a nice overview of suppliers in your financial administration – that list will not be complete, as free tooling is most likely not included in your financial admin, and in general this section is focused on security, business continuity, and quality risks or suppliers.

To ensure that you will make use of all the functionalities, we advise following a specific order, because they are connected to other steps.

eg: If you add a team member you will be able to assign them as owners of suppliers or assets and assign them to tasks.

If you need assistance with adding long lists of information to these sections(eg Suppliers) we can support you by adding them to Compleye Online for you.

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