What's new

On this page you can find information about improvements and new features on our platform. Every 2 weeks we will list what is new and every month all our DIY users will receive an email with the 3 most important improvements/features and a link to this overview.

(12-Day) ISO 27001 Roadmap

We organise the ISO 27001 Roadmap into 14 days & a preparation. In this overview, we share what to address during every days and how to prepare. This new road map is designed to streamline processes and provide a more comprehensive framework for information security management.

Read more: https://compleye.wiki/12-day-iso-27001-roadmap/

Section : Policies & Procedures [Templates]

Compleye provides templates for multiple frameworks. Templates will be reviewed on a yearly base by Compleye. We’ve recently revamped and streamlined our Policies and Procedures templates on Compleye Online to make them even more user-friendly and efficient.

Read more:https://compleye.wiki/compleyeonline/templates/

Section : Logging and Monitoring Information

It is not mandatory to have a complete overview of all logging and monitoring information, although it might come in handy when starting up your ISMS. However, it will become increasingly difficult, when scaling to keep track of all logs available and who or what system is monitoring the loggings.

Read more: https://compleye.wiki/compleyeonline/logging-and-monitoring-information/